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Packing up a home


That will get you there

Xclusive Movers offers loading and unloading services designed to simplify the relocation process. With a skilled team, efficient equipment, and a commitment to safety, we ensure secure loading and strategic unloading of your belongings.


Our local moving service provides a hassle-free experience for short-distance relocations. With efficient loading and unloading, careful packing, customizable options, timely transportation, affordable rates, and a dependable staff, we ensure a smooth transition. Trust us to handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on settling into your new space with ease.


We offer a padding and wrapping as a service to ensure the secure transport of your belongings. With a focus on professional handling and efficient packing, we safeguard items from scratches and damage.


Our services include furniture disassembly/assembly, and we maintain transparent communication to address specific concerns. 


Our long-distance moving service offers a comprehensive solution for a smooth and secure relocation over extended distances. With meticulous planning, professional packing, secure transportation, real-time tracking, storage options, transparent pricing, and dedicated support, we ensure a stress-free journey. Trust our experienced team to handle the complexities of long-distance moves, providing you with peace of mind.


Tailored to streamline the relocation of businesses, our office moving services ensure a seamless transition with minimal company downtime. 

Through strategic planning, efficient packing, and transparent communication, our team prioritizes your satisfaction. 


Whether it's fine art, antiques, or unique possessions, our expert team ensures the safe and secure relocation of your prized possessions.



Our trucks

Boxes inside of a moving truck

The best option for an office or 2 bed apartment would be a 20ft box truck. If you have a larger amount of furniture or equipment, you may consider a 20-foot truck for added space.

15-Foot Truck

20-Foot Truck

26-Foot Truck

A 15-foot box truck is generally suitable for a 2-bedroom apartment or a small office move.

A 26-foot truck might be excessive unless you have a significant amount of belongings to transport.

Cardboard Boxes

With us, your destination is one step closer.

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